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vestuviu planavimas

Giedrė Rimkė

I was impressed by Mantas’s professionalism and sense of responsibility. Even when we couldn’t manage to agree on a date, Mantas sincerely helped by personally finding other masters of ceremonies for the event. And he not only found them, but also took care of the process. Clear proof that it’s not only existing orders that he thinks about, but about keeping potential customers happy as well. 🙂 Those planning a celebration don’t have to worry: not only will he host the event – he’ll also organise it and make sure that there is significantly less stress and anxiety. Thank you!

Dovilė Linkevičiūtė

Internal Communication Specialist, UAB Drogas

“Thanks again to your whole team for a great event. The feedback was the very best – we couldn’t have done it without you.
Best wishes from our entire team. The sense of celebration was created and then some! :)”

Monika Mikštaitė

I recommend Mantas Kazlauskas and the 1Vienintelis team a full 100%. They took care of organising my mom’s 50th birthday party from A to Z and everything was great – both the organisation and the preparation went smoothly and didn’t cause any stress at all. And in terms of the party itself, it was perfect – as soon as we got to the venue it was clear that everything would be fine, and I was overwhelmed by that sense of peace that everything had been taken care of. And that’s really how it was. The evening was organised very smoothly, the decorator’s work was professional and completely in line with our vision, the lighting was effective, and the master of ceremonies was completely professional. I am truly grateful to Mantas and his team. And the very best evaluation of the celebration was in the calls and excellent feedback from guests that came in for another week. I recommended them.

Svajūnė Kyburytė

Mantas, I am very happy with your work and your help on all of the issues that came up. Your flexibility for the client. Not to mention the taxi services 😉 It was only thanks to you and DJ Zy that the event was so amazing! I still get nice feedback about it to this day!
Thank you! Good luck in your endeavours! And I hope we’ll meet again if there’s an occasion! 😉

vestuviu planavimas

Rūta Jastramskienė

5*+! The very best words and the biggest recommendations! This team did everything to make our wedding not great, but PERFECT! Yes, everything was PERFECT! Not only does Mantas know how to read faces – he can read minds too!
Preparing for the celebration was a pleasant job (not even a job – just a pleasure); we knew that we had a person who could be completely trusted, because no matter what the question, you always get an answer based on years of experience. Mantas is the master of ceremonies and organiser, the coordinator, who will not only take care of the event programme, but will also calm you down in any situation, offer the very best solution, and put everything in place 100%.
Our desire to have an unconventional wedding was fulfilled perfectly! I’m not afraid of this word, because that’s what it was!
Thanks again to Mantas for such a wonderful scenario and the perfect atmosphere during the celebration!


Rasa Urbšienė

We entrusted the organisation of our wedding celebration to Mantas and his wonderful team. We are so happy with our choice!

As soon as we met Mantas, we realised that he is a person who can be trusted. He gave us a lot of useful information, tips and suggestions that helped in planning the wedding. After listening to all our requests, Mantas arranged the programme down to the smallest detail. A wonderful atmosphere was created at the wedding – the fun games, dancing and other activities got not only the young people involved, but older guests as well. The cherry on the cake was the laser show, that we still can’t get over even now!

Thanks to Mantas and his team, planning the wedding was a pleasure, so I sincerely recommend you and wish you the best of luck!

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